Serein Studios is a UK based womenswear label.

Our mission is to create a clothing label which enables women to feel empowered in what they are wearing with sophisticated design and fit in which we believe to be complementary styles and cut, this meaning you can feel confident whilst wearing one of our pieces. Our style could be described as minimalistic with fairly neutral and earthy colours in wishing to avoid anything garish which may be seen to be unflattering - we felt the marketplace was missing this element of elegance at a more affordable price. This isn’t to say our merchandise cannot be fun - it can definitely be fun!

With quality being of the utmost importance to us, ensuring we source only the finest quality fabrics from fellow UK companies and spending time on each item to guarantee a premium result for all of our customers.

As all items are hand made in the UK this provides a bespoke garment alongside a true Serein Studios personal touch. As all of our merchandise is created with care, with some items being delicate, we also suggest handling them with care - you may find out more information on our guidelines for such things under CARE INSTRUCTIONS

We,as a company, are constantly striving to achieve the best results and therefore welcome feedback and suggestions in order to really understand our customers and what the marketplace needs, so please feel free to CONTACT US - we would LOVE to hear from you!